Fire/Water Claims Administration

If you,as the insured, are in the midst of a fire and or water damage claim to your residence or business, we can help. This is a difficult time for you, Your claim has been reported to your insurance agent and insurance company. The restoration CO. has attended, an adjuster has visited you, photos and reports have been made, but things might not be going smoothly. Your claim/file is one of many, and the aformentioned are busy.

This is one of many emergencies and you are in line,waiting. Bids have to be made for the repairs/tradespersons are busy with other claims etc. Etc. You may have moved out of your residence, and now living in a motel. Your life is in turmoil. Your phone calls may not be answered as fast as you would like. Your meal allowance is not enough,you need an increase. Your furniture has to be documented and go into storage. You still have to work. Your children have to go to school. All hell is breaking loose.

We are here to help. We co-ordinate all the companies responsible to 'place you in same position as you were prior to the loss'[the insurance CO.'promise'. We report to you daily, we push,pull,stay on top of the entire repair process. And if any CO. Is not performing, we know what to do to make them 'jump' for you. Our staff in this division of Business Navigator Services, have over 30 years experience, as insurance agent-brokers/adjusters/insurance company claims/and restoration CO. Our staff are early retirees with the aformentioned, but are no longer associated.Therefore there is no conflict of interest. We work for you not them! But we know the 'lingo', and how to talk with/and get faster results for you. Plus, we know all the regulatory rules, and insurance contract wordings/current guidlines on accomodation/meal allowances. Plus we can assist/guide you on purchasing replacement furnishings. We are available to you 24/7, and give you progress reports daily.

Contact us now for a free quote. We can get you back into your home or business faster. With the comfort of knowing, you have received the maximum benefits thru your loss.With less stress and frustration.

Ph/Fax (604) 690-5858
or 1-800-661-7799


For more information, please contact Jay James at:

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