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A Smart Ways to Cruise

Every year, professionals such as you face the same dilemma: use precious vacation time to pick up the continuing education credits needed to maintain your licensing -- or go on vacation with friends and family? 

Cruise / Continuing Ed -- lets you do both ... Study and  Play!!!

Seminars are in session only during days at sea so you may feel free to step ashore in fascinating ports of call and explore. Seminars generally include 12 to 19 hours of classroom time with a highly qualified faculty, complete course materials, appropriate credit registration and a certificate of attendance.

Your campus will be a luxurious five-star ship. Everywhere a sense of style and refinement pervades. Priceless antiques and commissioned art adorn each room; white gloved stewards are at your beck and call! Yet, light heartedness rules. There's a recently released film to watch in the theater; a blackjack dealer to beat in the casino; production extravaganzas in the glittering show lounge, comedians and magicians to applaud in our intimate lounges; elegant restaurants, an internet center, children's programs...

AND .... a heavenly health spa!

Was school always this fun?

At the end of your cruise, you'll not only have the credits you need but also...
memories of an enjoyable vacation!

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Cruise For Continuing Education

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