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We have “Navigator” associates that are fully familiar with doing business with China and Hong Kong. Many of our associates are dual citizens of Canada and China. They are fluent in English and Mandarin, and most travel between Vancouver BC, Hong Kong and China monthly. Business Navigators can help you do business with China: e.g. import, export, procurement, design, manufacture; name it ...we can do it!! Our fees are reasonable, and in most cases travel/food/accommodation costs of our staff is minimal, because our associates routinely travel to Hong Kong and China on personal and family business. You can also be accompanied and be personally introduced to Chinese Co.s, and we also use the services of the government of Canada Embassy staff in Hong Kong and China.

Associates World Wide

Ph/Fax (604) 690-5858
or 1-800-661-7799

For more information, please contact Jay James at:

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